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FAQ Metal roofing
charcoal colored standing seam metal roof with skylights

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below are are some of the most common ones we encounter regarding metal roofing and our products. Don’t find the answer to your question? Submit your question(s) on the form below for quick response!

Metal roofs can be installed easily over 1 layer of asphalt shingles, provided the underlying decking is in good condition and not compromised. This saves the expense of tearing off the old shingles, as well as keeping them out of local landfills. 

Extremely well! If properly installed, our metal roofing is warranted to withstand 140+ mph winds and are Class 4 rated against hail damage by insurance companies, the highest rating available. 

Per the Metal Roofing Alliance, “There is little difference between metal and other materials when it comes to noise from rain or hail. Normal attic insulation also absorbs most of the sound”. Several studies have confirmed that a properly installed metal roof yields no significant increase in noise compared to other roofing alternatives. In addition, the embossed textures of a MMR powder coated roof helps disperse rain, reducing noise even further.

No, in fact, metal roof owners experience utility SAVINGS after installation. A properly vented steel roof system moves air between the steel panels and the underlying deck. In addition, a Metal Roofing Alliance study shows steel roofing reflects up to 90% of the sun’s radiation, much more than an asphalt shingle, keeping your upper levels cooler.

Contrary to popular belief, a metal roof is no more likely to attract lightning than any other type of roof. Consider the fact that trees frequently attract lightning ground strikes, despite containing no metal.

Studies prove that lightning is attracted to the highest surrounding objects, regardless of their composition. However, In the event lightning were to strike a metal roof, it will not combust into fire, unlike wood.

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