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Metal Tile Series Roofing

Metal tile roofing provides a unique, enhanced alternative to asphalt, shingles and other roof materials. Upscale your property’s appearance and add coveted curb appeal with a versatile, robust metal tile roofing system. Modern Metal Roofing sets the standard for creating eye-catching, eco-friendly metal roofs. For a cost-competitive option that will make the most of your investment, look to our metal tile roofing.

Why a Metal Tile Roof?

The Metal TILE Series provides the old-world aesthetic value of natural clay tile at a fraction of the weight and cost. These distinctive 24-gauge steel metal panels offer a unique and beautiful roofing option while providing the same long-term roofing performance and durability as traditional clay tile roofing. The Metal Tile Series is also available in .032 aluminum, for coastal installations near saltwater. 

Available in eight standard colors and offered with either a smooth finish or a patented, powder-coat application, the MT Series can accent any home or business. In addition, all of our color selections and finishes can be enhanced with our exclusive “Hi-Def” XL coloring treatment, which gives the roof a sense of depth and contrast for a truly stunning look!

You can view or download the product brochure by clicking here. The available standard colors and finish options can be seen below, custom colors can be provided with additional production time.

Our metal tile roofs boast exceptional strength while being aesthetically appealing. Once you install your metal roof from Modern Metal Roofing, your property gets a virtually impenetrable layer of protection. Choose a manufacturer that is a cut above the rest with a superior roofing material that performs to standard and exceeds expectations. Our metal roofing can protect against:

  • Sun exposure: The thick metal layer helps prevent most UV damage to your ceiling and adjacent structures.
  • Mildew, mold and algae: Metal tiles allow water and moisture to drip and taper away.
  • Snow: Excess snow can shed off metal tiles more easily. These roofs are also built to withstand heavy loads.
  • Hail: The tough composition of metal tile roofs allows for minimal hail damage.
  • Rain and moisture: Metal roofs have fewer vulnerable areas to prevent rain penetration, so you get added protection against leaks.
  • Gale force winds: Metal is a heavy material, and metal tile roofing can improve wind defense.
  • Pests: Rodents and other animals will be less attracted to metal roof tiles’ smooth surface and the shortage of areas to crawl into.

All metals from MMR are sustainable and easier on the planet, with a higher standard of quality than foreign imports. Metal tile roofs also offer more efficient temperature control for improved energy consumption.

With broad applications for various rooftops, metal tiles can create a classic roof coupled with modern, robust features. Metal tile roof shingles work well in both industrial settings and homes. Take a look at their uses:

  • Residential: A metal tile roof offers superior protection and style for inland and coastal homes.
  • Commercial: Due to their superior weather defense properties, metal tile roofs are commonly used on commercial buildings like hospitals and hotels.
  • Architectural: This roof material’s variety of colors, designs, sizes and flexibility levels give architects the freedom to design a customized roofing system.

Explore Modern Metal Roofing

We stand by our values of manufacturing the highest-quality metal tile roofs. Here is how we stand out:

  • American-made products: We manufacture our premium metal roofing in Indiana.
  • Locally sourced materials: Our materials and components are sourced from inside the United States and undergo strict quality control.
  • Exclusive styles: We have distinctive panel profiles that simulate the look of traditional roofing options.


  • 50-Year Material Warranty
  • Made From 24-Gauge Steel or .032 Aluminum
  • Kynar Protected Finish
  • Class 4 Wind & Hail Resistance
  • Fire Proof
  • Lowers Energy Bills vs. Asphalt Shingles
  • Much Lighter & Cheaper Than Clay Tile
  • Certified for Use in the State of Florida
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METAL ROOFING ALLIANCE LOGOAccording to the Metal Roofing Alliance, the leading professional trade association for metal roofing, the growth of residential metal roofing in the United States is on the rise. Consider the following statistics:

• In 1998, metal roofing made up just 3% of residential roofs
• In 2019, metal roofing made up 12% of residential roofs
• By 2025, metal roofing is
expected to rise to 16% of homes!

Metal roofing is the 2nd most popular residential roofing system (behind asphalt shingles), but it is the only product segment that is growing instead of declining!

Metal tile roof panels
Metal Tile Series – Sienna Sunset


While clay tile roofs are extremely durable and can last 75 years or more, eventually they become brittle and must be replaced. However, clay tile roofing is extremely expensive to install and can be in short supply after hurricane events that cause mass damage. Our Metal Tile Series panels offer an excellent alternative, providing the same classic look, at a much cheaper price. In addition, the Metal Tile panels don’t require the same level of regular maintenance, won’t promote algae and mold growth, and don’t rely on mortar joints to prevent leaks.

If you want the distinct look of tile on a new or existing structure, metal tile offers many benefits over clay tile. While the biggest benefit is of course, the much lower installation cost, there are other advantages. Clay tile is quite heavy and requires a substantial underlying structure, which many modern homes are not built to support. Finally, metal tile panels have a greater resistance to impact damage, from hail and other debris. 


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MMR offers a patented powder coating process that provides maximum protection for the metal surface, which already has a premium Kynar paint finish applied. The powder coating process is unlike stone coated metal roofing, which has ceramic chips applied to the metal with an adhesive. Instead, powder coating involves electrostatically applying a specialized powder to the metal surface, which is cured under heat, forming a hard, protective layer. Simply put, powder coating provides superior protection on metal roofing panels due to its method of application and ability to permanently bond with the metal surfacing. Finally, our HD highlight treatment gives the panels a sense of dimension, for a stunning look!

Learn more about the differences between powder and stone coating by clicking here.

Metal Tile Colors XL
Cedar metal roofing colors

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