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Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Enjoy the toughness of metal and added curb appeal with Modern Metal Roofing’s standing seam metal roof collection. We provide superior standing seam metal roofing so you can maximize your investment. Add to your property’s value with a unique, coveted standing seam roof. MMR has a wide variety of styles and options to choose from so you can make your roof your own.

Why a Metal Standing Seam Roof?

Whether for your inland property or coastal house, a metal standing seam roof brings you the best of both worlds. Get a charming appearance with a cleaner, more modern feel.

The Standing Seam Series provides the classic metal roofing look, without the lap seams and exposed fasteners of lesser-quality metal roofing systems. Since Modern Metal Roofing fabricates each panel for a project to the exact required size, the custom design and detail possibilities are endless!

Our Standing Seam roofing is available in eight standard colors and comes with a lifetime warranty on the Kynar finish against color fading or delamination.

You can view or download the product brochure by clicking here. The available standard colors can be seen below, custom colors can be provided with additional production time.

Due to their robust composition, standing seam metal roofs provide reliable weather defense. When you install a metal standing seam roof from MMR, you get protection against:

  • Hail: The tough nature of standing metal seams offers enhanced defense against hail storms compared to lesser-quality options.
  • Snow: The roof’s ideal angle and smooth surface can shed excess snow more effectively.
  • Rain and moisture: Standing seam roofs have fewer vulnerable openings, which minimizes opportunities for water to penetrate.
  • Algae, mold and mildew: Water and moisture can easily taper off standing metal seams, reducing the likelihood of microbial growth.
  • UV exposure: We manufacture our roofs with 24-gauge steel and .032 aluminum, offering effective protection against the harsh sun.
  • Strong winds: Standing seam metal roofing provides virtually unmatched defense against gale-force winds due to overlapping panels.
  • Pests: The smooth surface and lack of open holes in metal standing seams can make these roofs unappealing to rodents and other pests.

All our standing seam roofing is sustainable and offers a higher standard of quality than foreign imports, causing less environmental strain on the planet. With better temperature control, you also enjoy more energy efficiency.

Metal roofing holds many benefits for industrial, residential and many other settings. These roofs add elegance to your property while offering a tough defense. Have a look at the versatile applications of a standing seam roof:

  • Residential: Install these roofs for any residential property for superior safety and longevity.
  • Architectural: With a wide variety of colors, styles and designs to choose from, standing seams are ideal for architectural projects.
  • Commercial: Standing seam metal roofs can add value to many types of commercial buildings, such as hospitals, churches and government buildings.

Modern Metal Roofing’s Values

We hold strong to our values of providing you with the best quality. The team at MMR is committed to your success and wants your investment to thrive. This is how we go above and beyond:

  • American-made products: We manufacture our superior standing seam roofing in Indiana.
  • Locally sourced materials: All our materials and components undergo strict quality control tests and are sourced from inside the United States.
  • Exclusivity: Our panel profiles come in distinctive styles mimicking traditional roofing types.
  • Powder coating: Protect your standing seam metal roof with our superior powder coating process.
  • Florida-approved: Our solutions are approved for the harsh Florida weather.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No Seams or Exposed Fasteners
  • Made From 24-gauge Steel
  • Kynar Protected Finish
  • Can Be Installed on Low-Slope Areas
  • Class 4 Wind & Hail Resistance
  • Fire Proof


Standing seam before photo


Standing seam roofing after



METAL ROOFING ALLIANCE LOGOAccording to the Metal Roofing Alliance, the leading professional trade association for metal roofing, hail causes about $1.6 billion dollars of damage to residential roofing in the U.S. per year! 

By contrast, metal roofs, particularly those made from strong steel, are Class 4 rated (the highest rating from the insurance industry) against hail damage. The steel roofing products from Modern Metal Roofing can withstand hail up to 2.5″ in diameter!


Standing Seam vs. Exposed Fastener Systems

Two of the most common types of metal roofing systems are standing seam roofing and “AG panel” roofing, which are corrugated metal, attached with exposed fasteners.  A standing seam roof is comprised of continuous metal panels, rolled from raw metal coils, that feature interlocking “ribs” on each side of the panel. The standing seam panels are run to the entire length of the roofing side, usually onsite, meaning there are no seams to fail or exposed fasteners anywhere in the roofing system. Additionally, standing seam is usually produced from thicker metal than exposed fastener systems.

Exposed Fastener Systems

By contrast, exposed fasteners systems, sometimes referred to as “AG panel” roofing, are offered in pre-made lengths and are fastened together with screws to complete the length of the roof side. At the ridge and perimeter, these panels are secured with numerous screws as well. The end result is a metal roof with potentially hundreds of leak points, one where every screw and seam is located. Over time, due to expansion and contraction, the screws enlarge their holes in the metal, which allows leaks into the interior. The remedy for this condition is either roof replacement or unsightly caulking repairs that temporary, at best.

Standing Seam From Modern Metal Roofing

Standing seam roofing costs a little more upfront, since it typically utilizes thicker metal and takes a little longer to install. However, MMR’s premium standing seam roofs offer decades of service life with virtually no maintenance, while providing a clean, crisp profile that can enhance any home or business. 

Standing Seam in Sienna Sunset

Standing Seam Roof in Sienna Sunset

teal colored standing seam metal roof

Exposed fastener roof, with failing finish coating


Metal Roofing Colors

Discover More With Modern Metal Roofing

The cost-competitive nature of standing seam metal roofs, along with their exclusive aesthetic appeal, makes them a premium investment option. Call us today at (463) 251-7027 or fill out our online form, and one of our professional, friendly consultants will follow up with you promptly..