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Metal Shake Series Roofing

For a metal shake roofing design that provides durability and value for your investment, Modern Metal Roofing has several options for your roofing project. Enhance your property and boost its curb appeal with a system requiring less maintenance than other roofing materials. With our versatile selection, you can customize your metal shakes and let your property express your individuality. Boost your coastal property’s appearance or add charm to your inland roof with our metal shake series.

Why a Metal Shake Roof?

The Metal SHAKE Series offers a modern take on a classic roofing style, the cedar wood shake roof. Constructed of high-quality, durable steel, the Shake series offers the distinctive dimensional wood shake look without the pest control, fungus, and wood rot issues that affect traditional cedar shake roofing. The Metal Shake Series is also available in .032 aluminum, for coastal installations near saltwater. 

Available in eight standard colors and offered with either a smooth finish or a patented powder-coat application, the Metal Shake Series is our most popular style. In addition, all of our color selections and finishes are enhanced with our exclusive “HD” coloring treatment that gives the roof a sense of depth and contrast for a truly stunning look!

You can view or download the product brochure by clicking here. The available standard colors and finish options can be seen below, custom colors can be provided with additional production time.

Metal shingles offer several defenses due to their robust composition. Once you install a metal roof from MMR, you can enjoy added protection for your property. Enjoy boosted performance from a roofing material that is both eye-catching and cost-competitive, allowing you to get unmatched durability along with a unique aesthetic appeal. A metal shake roof can increase protection against:

  • UV exposure: Metal shake roofs have a thick composition, providing effective protection against the harsh sun.
  • Mildew and other microbial growth: Moisture and water can wick off metal more easily, minimizing the occurrence of mold, mildew and algae.
  • Snow damage: Metal roofs can withstand heavy loads and shed excess snow more effectively.
  • Hail storms: Thanks to its robust arrangement and material, a metal shake roof can safeguard against hail storms.
  • Rain and moisture: Metal shake roofs present fewer opportunities for water penetration, minimizing leaks.
  • Strong winds: Metal shake roofs provide virtually unrivaled defense against gale-force winds, thanks to their robust composition.
  • Pests: Metal shakes are more slippery than other roofs and have fewer penetrable areas, helping to keep rodents and other animals at bay.

Modern Metal Roofing is committed to providing you with the best roofing systems. Our products are eco-friendly and provide improved standards over foreign imports. They also offer better temperature control, improving your property’s energy efficiency.

Our metal shingle roofs are ideal for a vast array of applications, from residential homes to industrial buildings. Enjoy the classic beauty of shingles while getting the robust protection metal offers. Use metal shake shingles for:

  • Architectural projects: The variety of metal shake colors, size options and designs make them a versatile choice for architects.
  • Residential roofs: Metal shake roofs work well for coastal and inland homes, providing style and durability.
  • Commercial applications: Whether for hotels, restaurants, churches or other buildings, metal provides excellent weather protection.

The Modern Metal Roofing Difference

We are dedicated to providing top-quality products that help maintain your property’s integrity. See why we’re the exclusive metal shake roofing manufacturer of choice:

  • Locally sourced materials: Our metal roof materials and components are all sourced from within the United States and adhere to stringent quality control standards.
  • American-made products: Our facility is based in Indiana, and we provide you with impeccable local quality.
  • Premium styles: We have an exclusive panel profile selection that simulates traditional roof styles.


  • 50-Year Material Warranty
  • Made From 24-Gauge Steel or .032 Aluminum
  • Kynar Protected Finish
  • Class 4 Wind & Hail Resistance
  • Fire Proof
  • Lowers Energy Bills vs. Asphalt Shingles
  • Less Maintenance Than Wood Shake
  • Certified for Use in the State of Florida
metal shake hd panel
green metal shake roofing



METAL ROOFING ALLIANCE LOGOAccording to the Metal Roofing Alliance, the leading professional trade association for metal roofing, metal roofs last two to three times longer than an asphalt shingle roof, at minimum. 

For added context, consider the following. Asphalt roofs last between 12 to 20 years. If the climate in your region or the pitch of your roof is unfavorable, the lifespan can be shorter. Asphalt begins to deteriorate as soon as it’s exposed to normal outdoor conditions, as it’s made of oil-impregnated paper. Metal roofs will never decompose, by contrast.


An overhead view of metal shake on a house.
Metal Shake – Weathered Wood with HD Highlights


While wood shake roofs are extremely durable and can last 50 years or more, eventually the wood degrades and must be replaced. However, cedar shake roofing is more expensive to install and has disadvantages that metal shake panels do not. Some of these issues with traditional wood shakes include susceptibility to termite/insect infestations, wood rot, and fire. 

Additionally, wood shake requires much more maintenance than our Metal Shake panels. Over time, wood shake requires regular cleaning, staining, and sealing for the roof to reach its intended service life. Metal Shake does not require regular cleaning, is unaffected by insects, is fireproof, and offers exceptional resistance to impact damage. 


smooth metal roof colors


Starting with a premium Kynar paint finish previously applied, MMR applies a patented powder coating that provides maximum protection for the metal surface. Unlike stone coated metal roofing, which has ceramic chips applied to the metal with an adhesive, powder coating involves electrostatically applying a specialized powder to the metal surface. This is cured under heat, forming a hard, permanent protective layer. Powder coating provides superior protection on metal roofing panels due to its method of application and ability to permanently bond with the metal surfacing. Finally, our HD highlight treatment gives the panels a sense of dimension, for a stunning look!

Learn more about the differences between powder and stone coating by clicking here.

Metal Shake Colors HD
Cedar metal roofing colors

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For tasteful metal shake roofing that complements your property, contact MMR today at (463) 251-7027 or complete our online form, and one of our professional metal roofing consultants will follow up with you promptly.