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standing seam roofing

Steel Standing Seam Roofing

A standing seam steel roof adds modern aesthetic appeal to your property. With clean lines and sleek finishes, this option fits well for any installation, and it’s durable and versatile enough for virtually any climate. We at Modern Metal Roofing provide high-quality steel standing seam roofing that adds value to your property and boosts curb appeal.

Why a Steel Standing Seam Roof?

The standing seam roof is a beautiful style that yields durability and individuality, making it a popular choice among property owners. This steel roofing system effectively defends against harsh outdoor conditions. Consider the following advantages of steel roofs and why this design may be the best option for you:

  • Low maintenance: Once you install your steel standing seam roofing, it requires very little maintenance, making this roof a good investment.
  • Energy efficiency: Steel roofs reflect some of the sun’s rays away from your roof, resulting in a cooler ceiling and improved temperature control for lower energy costs.
  • Durability: Standing seam steel roofs can withstand strong wind gusts and heavy loads when installed correctly. Their robust properties are attributed to material thickness, installation method and coating processes.
  • Weather resistance: This roof style has a slippery surface for better snow-shedding, fewer crevices prone to leaks and increased hail resistance.
  • Sustainability: Steel roofs are largely composed of recycled material and are recyclable at the end of their life span, placing less strain on the environment.

steel standing seam roof

Choose From Our Premium Options

MMR understands the importance of customization on roofing projects. With our expansive array of colors and designs, you can create a steel standing seam roof that expresses your individuality and adds value to your property. Select from our collection of standing seam steel roof styles:

  • Attractive colors: We have eight smooth-finish Kynair paint colors so you can find the perfect shade.
  • Exclusive finishings: Choose from our HI-DEF option and HD cedar panels, which add depth and dimension. Create hundreds of different combinations for the ideal tint.
  • Style selector: Click on any roof style, then select any color to see your roofing product and color of choice in a real-life example.
  • Superior powder coating: Our powder coating will protect your standing seam roof against color fading and edge delamination.

More About Modern Metal Roofing

At MMR, we pursue excellence in everything we do. We practice our commitment to impeccable quality and unmatched client service by bringing you some of the best roofing options on the market. Here’s how we proudly serve you:

  • American-made products: We manufacture all our products in our Franklin, Indiana, facility.
  • Locally sourced material: Our 24-gauge steel and .032 aluminum are sourced from within North America.
  • Exclusive variety: Get access to our three unique panel profiles that simulate the look of traditional roof styles.
A shot of a blue standing seam metal roof on a home.

While metal roofing systems vary greatly in quality, thickness, and materials used, most of them share some common benefits:

  • Long-term durability and service life,
  • High resistance to wind and hail damage,
  • Requires very little to no maintenance,
  • Increases the value of a home or business, 
  • Environmentally-friendly and recyclable,
  • Reflects heat efficiently, resulting in energy savings,
  • Fireproof and animal damage resistant

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