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metal shake roof

Premium Steel Shake Roofing

Steel shake roofing offers rustic charm while providing reliable performance. A roofing system trusted through the years, steel shakes are ideal for both inland properties and coastal installations. Modern Metal Roofing is your premier steel shake roofing company, elevating your property with beautiful accents. Express your unique style with our steel shake shingles that will set your roof apart.

Why Choose Steel Shake Roofing?

Many property owners prefer the textured look of shingles but would like the added durable properties of steel, which steel shake roofing provides. This roofing style creates an elegant appearance while yielding virtually unmatched protection for your roof. Take a look at some of the benefits of these robust systems:

  • Durability: When installed correctly, steel shake shingles can withstand heavy winds and bear heavier loads. The strength of this roofing material can be attributed to its thickness, coatings, installation methods and other design characteristics.
  • Low maintenance: Steel shakes require almost no upkeep, making this roof type a wise investment.
  • Energy efficiency: Installing a steel roof can reduce your cooling costs. Steel roofs reflect some of the sun’s rays off your roof for better temperature control.
  • Weather resistance: Steel shakes offer superior weather resistance due to their better snow-shedding capabilities, heavier resistance to hail impact and fewer open crevices for rain penetration.
  • Sustainability: Steel roofing is composed of more recycled content than most other roofs and is recyclable at the end of its life span, putting less strain on the environment.

steel metal shake roofing

Our Exclusive Options

A steel shake roof from MMR allows you to design your roof according to your individual tastes. Choose from various designs and colors for a roof that tells a story:

  • Powder coat process: Protect your steel shake shingles with our superior powder coating process that prevents unsightly color fading and edge delamination.
  • Premium colors: We have eight smooth-finish Kynair paint color options for increased variety.
  • Superior finishes: Get coveted curb appeal with our exclusive HI-DEF paint treatment and cedar HD panel colors that you can mix and match for perfect definition.
  • Style selector: With the MMR style selector, you can see your roofing product and color of choice in a real-world example.

Get to Know Modern Metal Roofing

We at MMR ensure our steel roofing shake shingles offer superior service and longevity while boosting your property’s value. Have a look at what sets us apart:

  • Florida-approved roofing: We engineer our roofing to tolerate the unpredictable Florida climate, so you know you have a roof that endures the elements.
  • Premium variety: With our exclusive selection of three panel profiles designed to simulate traditional roof styles, you have the freedom to choose your desired roof.
  • Locally sourced materials: We proudly source our 24-gauge steel and .032 aluminum from within North America.
  • American-made products: Our team manufactures all our steel roofing products right here in the United States at our Indiana facility.
home with a red metal shake roof
An overhead view of metal shake on a house.

While metal roofing systems vary greatly in quality, thickness, and materials used, most of them share some common benefits:

  • Long-term durability and service life,
  • High resistance to wind and hail damage,
  • Requires very little to no maintenance,
  • Increases the value of a home or business, 
  • Environmentally-friendly and recyclable,
  • Reflects heat efficiently, resulting in energy savings,
  • Fireproof and animal damage resistant

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