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Exclusive Steel Shingle Roofing

Steel shingle roofing is an ideal choice for those who prefer variety. Steel shingles can give your roof a modern or more classic look, elevating its appearance and increasing the value of your property. These roofing systems are ideal for coastal installations as well as inland roofs. Modern Metal Roofing is your premier steel roofing manufacturer of choice. We design steel shingle roofing in various colors for a personalized roof that reflects your style.

Steel Shingle Roofing Benefits

Traditional shingle roofing adds a beautiful touch to any property. Steel shingle roofs mimic the look of traditional shingles with the added benefit of providing extra resilience for boosted performance and longevity. You can have the best of both worlds in one solution with MMR’s steel shingles. See why this roofing system is popular:

  • Energy-efficient: As steel reflects some of the sun’s rays away from your roof, your cooling system doesn’t need to work as hard, resulting in reduced energy costs.
  • Weather resistant: Steel shingles have slippery surfaces for better snow-shedding, fewer crevices prone to leaks and better hail resistance than other shingle options.
  • Durable: When installed correctly, steel shingles can withstand strong winds and bear heavier loads. Their durability can be attributed to installation methods, material thickness, coating processes and more.
  • Low maintenance: Steel shingle roofing requires very little upkeep, making it an excellent long-term investment in your property.
  • Sustainable: Composed of a higher recycled material content than most other roofs and being recyclable at the end of their life span, steel shingles are an eco-friendly solution.

steel shingle roofing

Select From Our Wide Variety

We at MMR have a wide variety of painted steel shingles. You can select your desired colors and finishes for a result that reflects your style and sets your property apart. Choose from the following customization options:

  • Different colors: With eight different smooth-finish Kynair paint colors available, you’ll find the ideal shade for your property.
  • Superior finishes: We have HI-DEF color options and cedar HD panel colors for accents that add depth and dimension. Mix and match colors and finishes to find the perfect tint.
  • Style selector: Our style selector lets you see your roof product and color choice in a real-world example.
  • Superior powder coat process: Protect your steel shingle roof with our powder coat process to help prevent unsightly edge delamination and color fading.

The Modern Metal Roofing Difference

MMR provides premium steel shingles with an emphasis on quality. Our passion for excellence and commitment to impeccable service are echoed in our products. Here’s how we put you first:

  • Distinctive variety: We have three exclusive panel profiles that mimic traditional roofing styles for added variety.
  • Florida-approved: Our roofing solutions are built tough to withstand the unpredictable Florida climate.
  • American-made: All our products are manufactured at our facility in Franklin, Indiana.
  • Locally sourced: Our 24-gauge steel and .032 aluminum are sourced within North America.
A close-up of a charcoal-colored smooth finish product from the Metal Shingle Series.

While metal roofing systems vary greatly in quality, thickness, and materials used, most of them share some common benefits:

  • Long-term durability and service life,
  • High resistance to wind and hail damage,
  • Requires very little to no maintenance,
  • Increases the value of a home or business, 
  • Environmentally-friendly and recyclable,
  • Reflects heat efficiently, resulting in energy savings,
  • Fireproof and animal damage resistant

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